About us

We love golf. We love to play golf. We love to watch golf. We love to talk about golf. We love to explain in detail that shot we did on the 13th to our wifes, husbands and friends (as you know they are not too amused). We love to travel and discover new gems all over the world.
Of course there are times, many times, when we hate golf as well. But at the end of the round, when we hit that amazing drive down the 18th fairway, and all the hate disappears and we just want to play another round again. That's also golf. You invest your time, your passion, your energy - and you are rewarded with a few glimpses of mastery, when you feel that you are actually a good golfer. You get to experience beautiful nature. You get to excercise and live longer.

It's been said before but we say it again - golf is simply the best game in the world. And that is why we made this website.

We all have to start somewhere, and since we are based in Shanghai, China, our coverage of golf clubs and golf courses in the world will begin in the Middle Kingdom. But we hope to grow quickly and that both our golf features and golf course directory will soon cover other areas of the golfing world.

If you have any comments or just want to discuss golf in general, do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

/The team at GolfSearcher