Golf fashion 2014 - customisation and tradition

Men's golf fashion has become stuck in the idea that function and form needs a sporty look. It's time to take a step back and be inspired by the past.

Published 2014-07-16 in features by jeq28swe

Golf Summer Fashion 2014, classic must-haves

1. Glenmuir. Classic Argyle Front Sweater. $195. Link. 2. Maide, by Bonobos. The Palmetto Pant. $148. Link. 3. Alial Fital. Early Light Golf Polo. $85. Link. 4. Village Hats. Failsworth Hats Alfie Summer Newsboy Cap. $30. Link. 5. Allen Edmonds. Heritage Golf Shoe. $295. Link. 6. G/FORE. GFORE/YOU. $50. Link. 7. Seamus Golf. County Kildare. $65. Link. 8. The MacKenzie Golf Bag Company. The Sunday MacKenzie Walker. $895. Link. 9. Lyle & Scott. Argyle Sock Petrol. $25. Link. 10. J Lindeberg. D Ring Striped Webbing. $45,50. Link. 11. Claire Chase. Upright Golf Shoe Bag. $149. Link.

As people's need for customisation and the will to be unique keeps growing around the world, let 2014 be the year where you personalise your golf outfit at the same time as you go back to the roots. High-tech materials, Rickie Fowler's angry-orange Puma, comfort before fashion. It's all good, but honestly, it's also very boring. Remember the days of Ballestero's simple Slazenger pullovers? The classic Foot-Joy's? Walter Hagen's silk ties?

That's not saying you have to go golf-traditional to the extent of wearing golf knickers, the signature style of late Payne Stewart, or finding your grandpa's old hickory sticks in the attic, but please, let's bring some style back into golf fashion.

To help you on the way, we've put together a collection of must-haves for 2014. It's a combination of classic golf apparel where some has the modern option of personalisation, which will not only make you look unique around the club house, but also make you feel extra special when you have that one-footer for birdie on 18th.

Some are products that you can customise to your liking. Like the cabretta leather glove from G/Fore (or buy a ready-made colourful one for $15 less), the headcovers from Seamus Golf in Oregon or the carry bags from MacKenzie. Others are just classics from classic golf companies. And if you don't like the style of the Wingtip Oxfords from Allen Edmonds above, you can always create your own custom golf shoes at FootJoy's MyJoys.

The trend is going towards more and more customisation and when it comes to golf fashion, it's evolving by looking backwards. And if you're like us, that's a definite step forward.

Looking dapper in the tee box will shave more strokes off your score than taking that lesson with your PGA-pro you've always thought about.